The Best Palm Tattoos

Much like with neck tattoos, not every person concurs that inking your palms is an excellent concept. The palms differ from a lot of various other places on the body due to the fact that their callused skin presents the artist with a complicated texture to work with. Palm tattoos are additionally extremely prone to fading. Nevertheless, a pro tattoo musician that’s extremely experienced with the needle along with sensible assumptions can lead to excellent tattoo style, even if it’s on your wrinkled little fingers! Bored Panda has assembled a checklist of innovative tattoo ideas that suit the hand of your hand, and also their flaws just include in their originality. From trippy 3D layouts to mild marginal strokes, these pieces absolutely are entitled to the attention they can get!


We Don’t Typically Recommend Palm Tattoos, But This One Has A Lot Of Meaning To Our Customer. Plus We Do Really Love How It Turned Out


Dot Work Paw Print


Very Fun Tattoo Done Today


Ginkgo Leaves. Fun Using The Palms In A Way I'm Not Normally Asked To Do


He's Got The Whole World


Another Pair Of Butterfly Palms From Last Week

Rad Palm Tattoos, Such An Awesome Experience


Palm Tattoo Inspired By The Simpsons


Honeycomb And Bee Tattoo


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